A Change of Perspective

Derrik Kassebaum encourages us to change our perspective when it comes to being witnesses for Christ. Through insightful examples from his own life and others, Derrik explains that truly loving your neighbor is a powerful, authentic testimony to God’s life-changing power. Message from 08.11.19

Prayer & Fasting

Pastor Tom Kyle reminds us that fasting is about focusing our thoughts on God, not about twisting His arm to get what we want. When we fast, we discipline our flesh and energize our spirit, we don’t do it in a way that attracts attention. Message from 07.28.19

Rooted in Hope

Beth Tope and Holly Perryman share from their hearts and past experiences to shine the light on “battles of the mind” that touch so many people and families. Their organization, Rooted in Hope, exists to minister to families facing the challenges of mental illness, neurological and intellectual disabilities, addictions, and other similar conditions by providing encouragement and group support, a safe space for open and honest discussions, and hope for healing and restoration. Message from 07.14.19

Hitting Tomato Cans

As part of the Know, Grow & Go series, Tom Kyle encourages the church to be like David. Know that our God is bigger than any challenge and run toward the “giant”, expecting our God to win the battle. Time to stop practicing “hitting tomato cans”, and use what God has blessed us with to bless our community. Message from 05.19.19.