Life Church is guided by pastors, protected by elders and strengthened by overseers.

Anyone who functions as a recognized leader at Life Church operates with a biblical model of servant leadership and is excited to serve you. Here are some friendly faces you can look for: 

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Tom & Randi Kyle - Senior Pastors

Life Church is guided and served by Tom & Randi Kyle. This couple oversees the vision, direction, and day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. Life Church pastors practice servant leadership as a core value. This is reflected in the vision statement of Life Church to ‘empower members to fulfill their dreams and change the world around them’. Tom & Randi also serve the members of Life Church as Elders.  We love them and know that you will, too. 



John & Katie Hooker

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John & Audrey Bloch

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Guy & Dana Medaris


Mike & Sue Stafford